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Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm Releases Photos & Launches New Website

By Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm on 14 November 2013
Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, one of the largest wind farms in South Africa, has released its first official turbine erection photographs. The wind farm also launched its new aimed at keeping the public and industry up-to-date. "Our new website,, is user friendly, offering a gallery of visuals, renewable energy information as well as the updated transportation schedules," said Mark Pickering, General Manager of Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

The Project began erecting the first of its sixty wind turbines in August this year. The wind turbines are 80m tall to allow for optimum energy production, however, when the blades are in position, the turbine's tip height is an impressive 132m. The heaviest component is the nacelle, which contains the generator and gearbox; and weighs 82 tonnes.

The three 49m blades, made from fibreglass reinforced epoxy, are connected to the rotor at ground level before being hoisted to the top of the turbine. This is a complicated lifting exercise, in which the crane raises the assembled rotor whilst the smaller crane and the tag lines guide the rotor into the correct position.

The project is one of the first wind farms arising from the South African Government's Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPP). With demand for electricity continuing to grow in South Africa, the introduction of this clean energy will have far reaching benefits for the country’s power sector, economy and people.

The wind farm is expected to start supplying electricity to the national grid by mid-2014. "€œNot only will the project be able to provide a significant number of homes with clean, renewable energy by harnessing the wind, it will also save millions of litres of water that would otherwise have been consumed in the production of energy," concluded Pickering.


Jeffreys Bay Power (RF) (Pty) Ltd is majority owned by Globeleq, the emerging markets power company, and its consortium partners, Mainstream Renewable Power South Africa, Old Mutual, Thebe Investment Corporation, Jeffreys Bay Community Trust, Enzani Technologies and Usizo Engineering. Siemens will provide, install and commission the wind turbines and will maintain them for the first ten years of operation. A consortium of Murray & Roberts and Conco are responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the balance of plant, including turbine foundations, civil works, the electrical collection network and the main substation. Construction is being managed by Mainstream Construction. The project company is managed by Globeleq. 

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